I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it were not for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant lower back pain. I tried everything from painkillers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it. So I decided to go to a chiropractor before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pains are gone and I am living my life to the fullest and pain free.

Jeffrey Harris
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Dr. Drew D. Kycynka, Coastal Chiropractic, Dunedin, FL, is the director of the innovative Auto Injury Relief Centers, treating auto accident injuries.  

This state-of-the-art center offers a new approach to providing exceptional comfort & care to those involved in car accidents, truck accidents or motorcyle accidents, suffering from auto injuries, seeking chiropractic care in Dunedin.


If you have been involved in an auto accident, we will guide through every step of the process with our years of knowledge and experience in auto injury care.  We know that this may be a new and frightening experience for you, that's why we will stay by your side, from beginning to end.  Over the past 20 years, we have successfully treated patients with a personal, individual approach, where you are treated like family, not just a number.  Dr. Drew is passionate about caring for people and makes every effort to go above and beyond your expectations gaining your trust & confidence through his quality care & expertise.

Here are some commonly asked questions:


If my whiplash.jpghead and neck did not hit anything, why do they hurt so bad?

In almost every accident, you will experience a "Whiplash".  This happens in a matter of mili-seconds, at the moment of impact.  As your vehicle stops, your head and neck will move (accelerate) even faster.  This acceleration or "whipping" action of your head and neck result in the "whiplash" injury.  Think of the motion you use to crack a whip; this is exactly what happens to your head and neck.  This whipping action can even cause a concussion to the brain, as the brain hits the skull. This injury mechanism may result in headaches, pain, numbness, tingling in the face, arms or hands, dizziness, vertigo, ringing or buzzing in the ears, blurred vision, fatigue or loss of concentration.  These are all symptoms of Whiplash or Concussion and should not be taken lightly.

What is the cause of my pain?

Chances are, in an auto accident, you have stretching and tearing of muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, spinal discs and joint capsules.  Whiplash is more than just a pulled muscle and it requires proper treatment for proper healing. Brain and spinal cord bruising is also very common, causing concussion symptoms. Any of these possibilities causes inflammation and PAIN. Back pain, neck pain & headaches are the most common symptoms of auto accident injuries. This is your body's way of letting you know that something is wrong. Covering the pain with pain killers will not allow proper healing of these injuries and my lead to future problems or disability.


I wasn't traveling that fast; how can I be injured? 

The Laws of Motion & Physics don't care if you are big, tall, short, strong, young or old, when you are moving, there is mass, force & velocity.  These all have an affect on your auto injuries.  As you are hit or hit something, your head, neck, shoulders and body will accelerate at different speeds, with different forces on them. If you have ever been on a roller coaster, feeling light-headed, dizzy or getting a headache or stiff neck, you know about G-Forces. These G-forces are putting a stress and strain on the muscles, discs, ligaments, tendons, joints, nerves, brain and spinal cord, causing injury; after all, you didn't hit anything... whiplash_sr.jpg

The G-forces, or acceleration against gravity, cause stress and strain on the body and result in injuries to the head, neck, shoulders or body, even if these body parts did not hit anything. Your head alone can experience acceleration rates over 5 G-Forces in a matter of mili-seconds, even in a 3-5 mph collision (this is equivalent to getting hit in the head with a 60-75 pound weight).  The damage to your vehicle is not relevant to the damage that may have occurred to your body.

Won't everything heal on its own?

Whiplash injuries can be very difficult to diagnose and should only be treated by experienced Chiropractic Physicians.  Your injuries want to heal with scar tissue.  This is your body's way of "patching" things up. There are 3 phases of healing for your auto injuries: The acute inflammatory phase, lasting up to 72 hours; the repair phase, lasting up to 4 months; and the redomdeling phase, lasting 6-12 months or more, in severe injuries.

The traditional medical approach of a neck collar, pain killers and anti-inflammatories is outdated and has been proven to encourage more scar tissue formation. 

If you allow your injuries to heal, without the proper treatment we provide, you are risking problems for many years to come, if not the rest of your life.  Auto accidents and Whiplash injuries cause stretching and tearing of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint tissues, nerves or spinal cord.  Our gentle treatment techniques take you through the healing process of pain-relief, correction & strengthening.

How can you help me? 


With our knowledge and expertise in the care and treatment of auto accident injuries, we will provide the necessary therapies to relieve your pain and symptoms, restore normal movement and function and strengthen and rehabilitate your injured body parts to make them better than ever. Dr. Drew will make every effort to make sure that you progress from your current state of incapacity to a state of complete healing and optimum function.

Does my insurance pay for my injuries?

Yes, Florida is a No-Fault state, meaning that no matter who is at-fault in your accident, your insurance company pays for your injuries.  If you are not at-fault, in most cases, you will have 100% coverage.  If you are at-fault, you will have at least 80% coverage.  We have the knowledge and experience to inform you on your first visit, what your coverage will be for your accident.

We work closely with auto insurance companies and bill them directly on your behalf, so you don't have to worry about any payments.  In fact, your auto insurance will pay a large portion of any lost time at work and reimburse you for mileage to and from your appointments.


What if I need other tests?


Dr. Drew is able to prescribe any necessary testing such as spinal videofluoroscopy, nerve conduction, EMG, MRI or CT Scan, which are all an integral part of diagnosing and documenting your injuries.  After your examination, Dr. Drew will recommend or prescribe any necessary treatment or diagnostic tests.

Do I need an attorney? justice.jpg

Whether or not you decide to retain an attorney for your auto accident is entirely up to you.  We do not provide legal advice, however, do to our reptutation of clinical excellence and exceptional care, we have built relationships with trusted attorneys, that we may recommend, should you decide that you need legal advice. 

With all auto accident injuries there is a monetary value for the injuries that you have sustained and the right attorney may provide justifiable compensation from the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

If I am already in pain, won't the treatment hurt me? iq_adjustment.jpg

Absolutely Not.  Many people feel relief immediately following their first treatment, with our special techniques.  We take every precaution, including on site X-Rays, to make sure that you are treated safely, gently and comfortably.  In fact, Dr. Drew has gone so far as to bring the newest breakthrough technology to the Auto Injury Relief Centers, with the introduction of the Impulse IQ adjusting instrument.  This computer controlled, hand-held instrument is gentle, safe and instantaneous in its effect on auto injury pain.  This FDA Approved instrument eliminates any twisting or turning of the head, neck or spine, allowing a smooth, easy, gentle treatment.  The Impulse IQ is the premier hand-held adjusting instrument in the world and should be your only choice for your auto injuries.

Learn More About Impulse IQ.

What makes a Chiropractic Physician the best choice for me?

The special treatment techniques that we use are not used by any other healthcare physicians. Chiropractic Physicians, such as Dr. Drew, are trained in finding injured, inflamed & dysfunctional spinal joints, vertebrae & discs (Subluxations), then making the necessary correction to restore function, eliminating pain and inflammation (Adjustments). Chiropractic Physicians are the only physicians who diagnose, treat & correct Spinal Subluxations with Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments. Dr. Drew is highly trained in the precise diagnosis and gentle treatment of auto injuries and will also utilize our in-house Medical Doctor, as an adjunct to your healing process; so you are covered all around, safe & secure.

The knowledge and expertise that we have gained by treating hundreds of auto accident injuries, have allowed us to become a leader in auto injury treatment innovation & technology.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, we invite you to visit our Auto Injury Relief Center.  Dr. Drew will review your accident details and inform you of any necessary treatment.  We have experienced what the latest research shows:  Your auto injuries have a much greater chance of complete healing the sooner you begin treatment.

Call Today For Your No-Obligation Consultation.  (727) 733-1601. 



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