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When pain occurs it is showing you that somewhere in your body a problem has surfaced. 

People shrug pain off everyday thinking it will work its way out, but that may not be the case. 


You might need to seek professional help to correct and maintain the problem. The six most common words we hear in our office are,    "I thought it would go away." 

There are two types of pain:

1.  Acute Pain- This pain is new to the body and can be caused by a sprain, cut, broken bone, etc. The pain can be mild to severe and will usually dissipate with healing.


2.  Chronic Pain- This pain is different and might be accompanied by insomnia, exhaustion, even weight change and can last up to six months or more.  Many look to painkillers to alienate the symptoms, this seems like the right thing to do, after all, no one wants to live in the discomfort of pain.  

The Pain Mechanism and Pain Pills

When there is a dysfunction within your body, the area of concern will frequently send pain signals to the brain, as a warning sign, telling you that you need to fix the problem.  If the "temperature" light in your car comes on, you check the engine for a problem.  You would not put a band-aid over the light so that you don't see it.  Your brain interprets the quality and intensity of the pain signal and reads it as P-A-I-N. When you pop a pain pill, the brain reads the pain signal as I-N-A-P. The problem is still there and the area of dysfunciton is still sending pain signals, however, the pain killers have numbed the pain.  This is very dangerous, especially over longer periods of time, as the underlying cause of the problem will only worsen, possibly causing more damage to the area of concern.

The Pain Mechanism and the Impulse IQ Instrument

When a joint is fixated, locked-up or subluxated, pain receptor cells called "nociceptors" send pain signals to the brain.  When the Impulse IQ restores normal joint motion, with its multiple impulses, motion receptor cells called "mechanoreceptors", signal the brain that normal mobility has been restored.  This tells the surrounding muscles and ligaments to relax and signals the pain receptor "nociceptors" to stop sending pain signals.  Therefore, by correcting the problem of joint dysfuction, the symptoms and the problem disappear.

Pain is not the problem, it is only the indicator of the problem.

The biggest issue with pain is that it will destroy the quality of your life. With chiropractic care, we work towards uncovering and eliminating the source of your pain and correcting the problem, so the pain does not return.  We can help improve the quality of your life.  

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