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Your body has its own built in immune system to protect you from outside elements, such as dust, pollen, pollution, etc.

If your immune system is not working properly you may suffer from, watery eyes, a running nose, sneezing or many other threats of sickness.

Histamines (inflammatory agents), released by your immune system, cause most sinus and allergy problems, therefore, most people treat these problems with anti-histamines. These medications will dry the membranes and suppress the symptoms but this is not a cure. Stress can often be a factor why your immune system is not working properly and when ignored, your body cannot correct itself.
This is a problem within your body.  If the problem was outside of your body, such as pollen, dust or pet dander, everyone would have the same problems.  On the Contrary, everyone does not suffer from these ailments; only those with a weakened immune.  Usually, if you suffer from these issues, you also get more colds & flues or get run-down more than the average person. 

The nervous system and immune system, when working properly, can work as a natural healing aid and help to correct your sinus and allergy symptoms.  Chiropractic adjustments boost immune system function by stimulating proper nerve flow, circulation and lymphatic drainage.
The most important thing that we can do for you is boost your immune system. 
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