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Dr. Drew D. Kycynka, Coastal Chiropractic Dunedin, FL, has great success in treating stress with chiropractic care.  stressed_woman.jpg

Dr. Drew uses the newest, gentle chiropractic care technology. Stress is a Silent Assassin.  You don't see it and you can't touch it. It sneaks up on you from behind and hits you like a ton of bricks. This can result in high blood pressure, headaches, neck or back pain.  All of which we see & treat every day, with great results.


Of course, this stress will ultimately effect your attitude and decrease the quality of your life.  Stress is a major cause, if not the number one cause, of health problems in the USA today.  Dr. Drew  uses many resources, such as advances in technology with the computer controlled Impulse IQ adjusting instrument, updating his diagnostic and treatment methods based on the latest research, and using good caring philosophy, improving the health and well-being of his patients.   lying_in_grass.jpg

Stress is mostly about perception.  How you perceive something, is how you subconciously tell your body to respond to the event.  For instance, if you and I are in a boat together and the boat springs a leak. I may "freak out", thinking that we are going to sink.  You, on the other hand, may remain perfectly calm and see the situation as a minor obstacle.  How I told my body to react and how you told your body to react were completely opposite, even though we were faced with the same event or "stressor".  As a result, I would more likely become tense, tight and may experience more symptoms than you.
Dr. Drew uses the "Big Picture" approach to this roller coaster ride called "life".  In the Big Picture or Grand Scheme of life, how big are your problems compared to what some child in Africa is dealing with.  Once we begin to prioritize the events in our lives, in comparison to some major events in other lives, it changes our perception.  This change in perception changes our physical, emotional and bio-chemical response to life's events, or "stress". Chiropractic care is the best stress reliever; it's natural and drug free. Read about the signs of signs of stress in the following pages.
Call us today to relieve your stress, we can help. (727) 733-1601. 

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