Impulse IQ

Impulse IQ Instrument 

Dr. Drew D. Kycynka, Coastal Chiropractic Dunedin, FL has brought the newest, safest and state-of-the-art pain relief technology to Pinellas County.

Headaches, migraines,  neck and low back pain are no longer an issue.  The Impulse IQ adjusting instrument is a technological phenomenon in the art of the chiropractic adjustment and will change the future of chiropractic. 
Just as lasers have replaced scalpels in many surgical procedures, so too have hand-held adjusting instruments replaced many manual chiropractic adjusting procedures.  There are other adjusting instruments used by Chiropractors, however, there is nothing else in the world that can do what the Impulse IQ can do.  The Impulse IQ is a computer controlled device, with a built in accelerometer that can measure spine and joint motion.

The Impulse IQ instrument delivers multiple, safe, gentle impulses every second in order to correct joint dysfunction and relieve pain.  During the treatment, the Impulse IQ measures spinal joint motion, in real time, then accelerates the impulses as the motion of the joint increases in order to maintain a harmonious frequency with the joint motion, as the correction is made.  This is what makes the Impulse IQ a technological marvel, separating itself from all of the other instruments on the market. 

We have the missing piece of the puzzle that others are searching for...Impulse IQ.

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