Success Stories 

Here are just a few of the thousands of thankful patients that Dr. Drew has helped with his safe, gentle Chiropractic techniques in over 20 years of practice.

"After a crippling back pain which severely inhibited walking, let alone golfing, I turned in desperation to the Impulse IQ by Dr. Drew.  What a move!  In my first visit, Dr. Drew completely relieved my severe pain and spasms; I was golfing right after, without restriction.  The Impulse IQ treatment is most impressive, in fact, it works far better than when is used to receive treatments by two Olympic Team Chiropractors.  Equally important is Dr. Drew himself.  He literally lives and breathes Chiropractic.  Dr. Drew is a true professional who truly cares for each and every patient."  B. Reid, Brooksville

"At 90 years-old, I had given up on life, with severe back and leg pain. After the first treatment with Dr. Drew, I feel like a new person and my whole life has changed. Thank you Dr. Drew for virtually saving my life and giving me reason to live again. I expect to make 91 or more because I feel so good."  R. Gaugler, Clearwater

"My back and legs have been in pain for 8 years, until I found Dr. Drew.  I was in such pain I could hardly walk into his office.  After my first Impulse IQ treatment, I walked out pain-free.  I thanked Dr. Drew and I thanked God for answering my prayers for being pain-free.  I know that everyone may not be as lucky as I was after my first treatment, but if you do what Dr. Drew tells you, I know he will help you.  Dr. Drew is such an intelligent and caring doctor."  P. Bovay, Brooksville

"After my first Impulse IQ adjustment, I didn't need to use by breathing strips on my nose at night when I sleep and my arms stopped hurting at night.  What a relief!  I found a Chiropractic technique that allows me to relax and accomplishes more than I ever expected.  Thanks to Chiropractic instrument adjusting and Dr. Drew's expertise & knowledge!"  S. Cooper, Spring Hill

"My son was born with torticollis, making his head tilt to one side in spasm. We were told that he would have to have physical therapy and we would have to do stretches with him. After his first adjustment with Dr. Drew, his head was almost perfectly straight and after the second, his head was straight. No stretches of physical therapy! Now he gets adjusted regularly and he is my healthiest boy."  T. Yungmann, Brooksville

"I have been receiving Chiropractic care for 40 years, which would temporarily cure my problem.  I decided to try Dr. Drew's new Impulse IQ technology.  The results were incredible.  This program really works!  These adjustments do not hurt as in the past.  My neck range of motion has dramatically increased with no pain!  My back does not go out of place as it used to and I feel great!  Thanks Dr. Drew!!!"  G. Haas, Spring Hill 

"My first experience with Dr. Drew was with excruciating arm pain.  He successfully treated me for that.  Most recently, I was experiencing severe neck pain.  Dr. Drew has been treating me with his new Impulse IQ instrument which gave me relief on my first visit and has also helped other spinal problems that I had.  I tell everyone I know about the relief I have experienced with Dr. Drew's treatments."  Arthur H., Spring Hill

"I had some issues with my back and called Dr. Drew. He made some adjustments using the Impulse IQ instrument. I slept straight through that night and for four more nights the same way, which I haven't seen in quite some time. Thank you Dr. Drew."  Joe S., Spring Hill 

"The Impulse IQ has given me the Best And Longest Lasting Results yet.  Love Dr. Drew and the Impulse IQ.  Thank You."  Wendy D., Spring Hill, FL

"I am 70 years-young and have been a patient of Dr. Drew's for over 11 years. Since I have been getting adjusted with the Impulse IQ, I am getting better results than ever. I have more stamina, no pain, increased mobility and I sleep through the night. I love the Impulse IQ. Thank you Dr. Drew." Hans G., Dade City, FL

"After two months of fevers and three different anti-biotics, the Pediatrician suggested surgery for my 2 year-old daughter's ear infections.  I brought her to Dr. Drew and within a few days, her fevers and ear infections were gone.  We can't thank you enough. We love you Dr. Drew."  Kristina T., Spring HIll, FL happy_srs_thumbs_up.jpg
"I brought my son to Dr. Drew at 5 years-old. Since he was born, he has suffered from asthma and uses his inhaler 3 times/day. After his first adjustment with Dr. Drew, he didn't need his inhaler. He was helping his Dad clean out the garage, without any problems, which would have never happened before. Thanks Dr. Drew."  Mary M., Spring Hill, FL

"I had suffered with back pain for several years. After my third treatment with the Impulse IQ, my back pain was gone, my vericose veins disappeared and the circulation in my legs has improved.  Thank you Dr. Drew."  Edna B., Spring Hill, FL

"The Impulse IQ is a miracle.  I came in with back pain radiating all the way down to my knee and I left feeling like a new person.  Thank you Dr. Drew."  Stella W., Spring Hill, FL

You can be our Next Success Story.  We believe that your body has an amazing ability to heal itself and with our safe, gentle, state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques, we will help you Live Your Life To The Fullest, Naturally.  Don't Delay Any Longer, You've Waited Long Enough.

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